Quench Me

Quench Me

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All-natural, soothing, and hydrating — this gem is exactly what you’ve been waiting for all your life!

🌧️ Unlike any other, this hydra cream contains essential ingredients like aloe, jojoba, almond and exotic camphor in a beautiful bottle to make your skin look radiant and healthy. Let's not forget the turmeric + vitamin E to pack an extra punch!


Gateway to India

Oil baths are a concession to self-indulgence and are essential to South Asian beauty rituals. On the day of Dewali, Goddess Lakshmi bathes in oil to remove all evil. She has engrained into Ayurveda that bathing in oils not only moisturizes but also cleanses the skin from toxins, pollution and improves blood circulation. Have you noticed our moisturizers are blended with oils?

Remove all evil, dirt and inauspicious things.

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