Here Are Six Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facial Oils

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Face oil is the most common product that goes untouched. We all know the obvious that facial oils promote a healthy glow but many of us don't use them due to the fear that it causes break outs. Perhaps you’ve avoided oils because you have oily skin or you believe that your skin has enough nutrients and doesn't seem to need extra hydration. 

However, the truth is that facial oils are not reserved for just those with dry skin. Anyone can use facial oil as a beneficial part of their skin care routine. Its hydrating benefits are a no brainer but facial oil can also exemplify your natural glow while shielding it against damaging free radicals. Face oils are the newest skin care must haves and are totally worth considering.

 Apply foundation more smoothly. 

The silky texture of facial oil makes it an incredible product to apply before your concealer or liquid foundation. Whether your skin is dry, flaky or has blemishes, it can be difficult to achieve a seamless finish with any foundation.  Oils prevent your makeup brushes leaving their trace across the skin for a flawless finish that looks natural. Using an oil with turmeric is ideal since its highly concentrated with antioxidants which would be a complete win-win.

Seal in moisture and add extra nourishment.

Facial oil can be applied after your daily moisturizer to seal in all of the hydrating elements for your skin. If you experience dry skin, applying a few drops in the morning and at night after your moisturizer will boost your skin's hydration. While those with oily skin should consider using a drop or two before bedtime. The Circadian Hydration Cream is a vegan moisturizer that uses turmeric and rosemary to protect skin cells from damage often caused by the sun and free radicals. Rosemary also has natural antiseptic properties making it a superior disinfectant for your skin. Add a drop of the Nightly Glow oil to lock in hydration.

They can calm down rashes.

Facial oils have anti-inflammatory properties that help settle irritated skin. Almond and olive oils are ideal for irritations caused by products with retinol or alpha hydroxy acids. Jojoba and turmeric oils also works wonders at reducing redness from rosacea making the Nightly Glow Oil one of a kind. 

Protect skin from harmful pollutants.

When a facial oil is applied last in your skin care routine in the morning, it will act as a barrier on the outer layer of skin to keep pollutant out while keeping moisture in. Better yet, use a an SPF before applying a facial oil to boost broad-spectrum protection, making oils one of the multi-tasking skin care products worth trying.

Last but not least, they can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Higher-end oils such as almond, jojoba, and turmeric remove dirt from clogged pores making them appear smaller and less noticeable. Facial oils are formulated specifically for your face so it won’t clog your pores, if used properly. If you are still uneasy about trying an oil, start by using a drop and then gradually adjust the amount used after you've found the result that you like.





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