Four Surprising Ways to Use Raeka India Gold Serum

Posted by Rekha Panda on

The world is a bit crazy right now but our skincare routine is keeping us sane. What better time then now to stock up on products with versatile use? Our top pick is the India Gold Serum, formulated with 24k Gold and Manuka Honey

Gold for your skin is more than just a luxury status. Gold can activate the basal cells of the skin, increasing elasticity. Thus, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and marks on the skin to make you look younger. 

Manuka Honey can improve your skin's health. As an antibacterial, Manuka honey, leaves fewer bacteria on the skin that may infect pores to cause acne. Its anti-inflammatory effect can also decrease local inflammation caused by acne. 

So how is this serum versatile? 

Let's start with skincare!

1. Revive your favorite clay based face mask.

We're all about face masks and the worst feeling is when your favorite clay based face mask has dried up!  Scoop out an adequate amount of your face mask and mix in a few drops of the India Gold Serum. You'll be surprised to notice a much more smoother application and get the satisfaction of not having to let it go to waste.

2. DIY quick lip scrub.

Yes, you read it correctly.  Make your own lip scrub with 2 simple ingredients! The India Gold Serum contains various oils and Manuka honey to assist in hydrating and healing chapped lips. Add a 1-2 drops to a spoonful of sugar and gently exfoliate. You'll be ecstatic to restore that youthful looking pout.

 3. Turn your fav matte foundation into dewy.

Don’t have a Dewy Foundation? No worries, save money on dewy setting sprays because we’ve got you covered. Mix in a drop of the India Gold Serum to your matte foundation and tap away. Your new silky serum will give you a softer and dewy finish along with some bonus skincare benefits. Your foundation will look less cake-y and more flawless. Add more drops to sheer out coverage for a natural look. 

4. Use it as a primer.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of mixing serum with your foundation, fearing it might be too oily or not set well, you can use the serum as a primer instead. Massage a few drops of the India Gold Serum all over face and let set for 10 seconds. Apply your foundation over the serum and watch how easily your makeup goes on. 

Now that's a real a glow up!





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  • Four Surprising Ways to Use Raeka India Gold Serum– Raeka Beauty

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  • Four Surprising Ways to Use Raeka India Gold Serum– Raeka Beauty

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